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WELCOME to a website which publicises videos produced in Nantwich, covering Cheshire.

   This is not a commercial website, and Jonboro Videos is not a company.   

   I, and anyone with whom I work on a video project, are strictly amateurs (though hopefully professional in standards) and will not get a penny from any of the work.    


   In fact, making the videos costs us money!  "Curious South Cheshire", "More Cheshire Curiosities", "Further Cheshire Curiosities" and "The Jewel in the Town" will boost Nantwich Parish Church Preservation Appeal fund. Internal work in the church is funded by St Mary's Restoration and Development Fund.

o"SHIP Ahoy" - a video about the raising of the salt ship found


in Second Wood Street, Nantwich - will benefit the funds of Nantwich Museum which was

very much involved in the project to raise the ship.


   There is also news of a "guest video" - that is, not made by Jonboro Videos. This has been made for Nantwich Player's Theatre Project.

John Brough

Third video in trilogy is here!

THE Third DVD of our trilogy of Cheshire Curiosities is on sale. For more details about the video and where to get a copy see here.

This website was last updated on July 16, 2015